Facts concerning CPR and AEDs in General

Every year, nearly 600.000 people die from heart diseases so, nowadays, everyone should be aware of how to act in emergency situations. Underneath, some facts about CPR as well as AEDs are presented:

  1. ­­CPR does not restart a heart. Rather, it physically pumps blood through the heart and empowers oxygen to reach the brain. This is totally imperative for someone encountering heart failure. It is stated, that if CPR is regulated instantly, it doubles or even triples the casualty’s rate of survival.
  2. Both CPR and AEDs are sheltered. It is certain, that a person cannot hurt someone by doing mouth-to-mouth.
  3. An AED will regulate a stun for two sorts of unusual heart rhythms: ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation.
  4. AEDs are so natural and easy to use, that even a third-grader can utilize one – literally. An AED will guide you through every stride as well as figure out if a stun is required. It is that simple!
  5. The survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is under 5%. This is because of restricted AED approachability.
  6. For consistently that goes without defibrillation, survival diminishes by 7-10%.
  7. Sudden cardiac arrest happens frequently in the home (57%-75%), which majority of times are unequipped with an AED.
  8. An AED electrodes gather data about the heart’s rhythm and convey the stun for the AED.