Sneak Preview: Physio Control Lifepak CR2

Today seen at the Emergency Services Show in Birmingham and from tomorrow on show at the ERC conference in Reykjavik; the new Physio Control Lifepak CR2 AED. The latest addition to Physio Controls impressive line of AEDs. Physio Control is awaiting CE approval, then the big distribution of this public defibrillator, making it available to a larger audience.

We watched the demonstration of the CR2 and can inform you that the AED is practically the same as it’s predecessor, the main change being the colour. It is compact, with a white plastic lid and a black carry-handle. The status indicator displays a bright green flashing light, visible at the front of the AED. The device starts directly on opening and the electrodes are released by pulling on the clearly visible red handle. The shock electrodes are firmly attached to the AED by a tape. On opening the AED, you see four buttons: a language selection button, the on/off button, a child resuscitation button and finally, a shock button.

Currently only available as a semi-automatic, there will be a fully-automatic available. The price of the CR2 is not yet known, but is expected to be slightly above its predecessor the CRplus.

The Lifepak CR2 comes with an 8 year warranty. The battery and shock electrodes have a 4 year shelf-life before they require replacing. The water and dust resistance is set at IP55 which means the AED can compete with the best. Voice prompts from the Lifepak CR2 are quite extensive compared to other AEDs: it vocally announces the depth of chest compression as an aid to the rescuer. The shock protocol is the same as the other Lifepak AEDs, up to a maximum of 360 Joules.

Physio Control has developed an app simultaneously with the release of the Lifepak CR2, aimed at helping to manage AEDs. This app, which can be used in a range of browsers, allows an organization, different AEDs can monitor easily. The CR2 Lifepak AEDs can be connected to the database via Wi-Fi or mobile data (optional), whereby an alert can be sent when an AED is removed, opened or when an audit is needed.